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Lamma Family Portrait Project

Lamma Family Project is a currently ongoing photo project. This project had participated in the ‘300 families’ photo exhibition organized by the Hong Kong International Photo Festival on October 2013.

Lamma Island lies in the sea off southwest Hong Kong Island. Ferry to Central is the only regular transportation connecting Lamma to the city. Its geographic location developed a community on Lamma different from Hong Kong’s city life.

Owing to the modern notion of “development” in Hong Kong, this fragile community is exposed to the threat of drastic changes at any time. Through this project, we would like to keep a snapshot of the Lamma community before any large scale “development” may take place.

All the photos in this project were photographed within Lamma. They were usually taken at homes, in shops or some popular public places. We encouraged the families open up their private homes, and present their daily lives.

Some families even suggested to us the pose and location. During shooting, we tried to stay relatively longer with the families and talk to them about their lives on Lamma. We also tried to take more shots and let them review the photos from time to time. The resulting works are products evolved from two-way interactions.

If you are living in Lamma and would like to participate in this project, please feel free to contact us.

300 Families Photo Exhibition and Sample photos

Families which participated in this photo project: Thanks for your support. You can download your photo in the follow galleries. Please contact me for the password.